Lending caring hands to unfortunate Dogue de Bordeaux in the UK
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PostSubject: RULES: Please register to join this free forum!   RULES: Please register to join this free forum! EmptyThu Oct 16, 2008 12:14 pm

Hello everyone,
Let me first say a big thank-you to all of you who have taken the time to support DDB Welfare, and to join our new forum.

This forum is designed to group everyone together who has an interest in the Dogue De Bordeaux and the welfare of the dogue.

We hope that we can give information to anyone who is considering adopting a dogue, fostering, or even buying a puppy, by educating everyone about this wonderful breed we hope that the numbers in rescue will drop.

We have many great people on this forum including reputable breeders, a canine psychologist, dogue owners and occasionally we hope a qualified vet will be on line to help with anyones concerns. So for anyone thinking of owning a dogue then this is certainly the right place to be!

There are no hard rules only to keep this forum a friendly environment, we know occasionally people will differ in their opinions and a good discussion is fine but we will not tolerate any bad mouthing, slander, name calling or swearing on this forum.

Everyone joining needs to introduce themselves, telling everyone who they are and anything else they want to disclose about themselves, dogues they own, occupation, if they show their dogues, if their dogue is a rescue ect ect.

We hope that we will be able to highlight the dogues who are in need of our help throughout this forum ,and I ask, as hard as it may be, to keep the comments about neglect, or the state of the dogues who appear on this forum to yourselves. I know only too well that the state of these poor dogues pictured can sometimes be very upsetting, but if we begin to criticise everyone who brings in a dogue to welfare, word will soon get about ,and people will not want to hand in their dogues, which will only mean more suffering for the dogue concerned.

If you are a member of any other forum please make them aware of this new forum, and if you would like to cross post any information from this forum anto another please ask us first.

Many Many thanks once again, and if you feel you can help out DDB Welfare in anyway please get in touch.
We would also like to welcome anyone who would like to take over the role as Admin for this forum, if you are interested please contact me at info@ddbwelfare.org.uk

Hope you all enjoy this new forum.

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RULES: Please register to join this free forum!
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